The Rhythm of Worship


“If you would’ve asked Adam in the Garden, ‘when do you worship?’ Adam should’ve answered, ‘When aren’t we?’”

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“If you would’ve asked Adam in the Garden, ‘when do you worship?’ Adam should’ve answered, ‘When aren’t we?’”

Jordan Atwell laid this quote by Mike Cosper down in the middle of our interview for this Anthologies article and mentally I felt myself brushing my hands together and thinking, “That’s a wrap.” What else could possibly be said for being a worship leader for Apex, for being a worship leader for a House Church, for being a specimen of worship, period, than that statement?

“Worship isn’t this Christian thing – every second of our lives we are worshipping something; we are pouring ourselves out for something,” states Jordan.

Before becoming a believer at 22, it was the American Dream for Jordan; he wanted the money, the status, the wealth. So he spent his life’s seconds giving himself up to achieving those very goals.

Then Jesus got in the way.

Flash forward to Jordan realizing he was spending the majority of his time advancing his own kingdom and then eventually becoming the Worship Leader at Apex Xenia. He and his wife, Jamie, are now members of a house church, and Jordan helps lead worship in that smaller, more intimate setting, too.

“There is something about knowing the people you are singing with and knowing what they are walking through that changes worship within the house church. The words we are singing cease being intangible; you get to witness people begin to believe the words they are singing. Christ is the goal,” says Jordan.

His approach to choosing songs for House Church follows suit with how the Apex bands choose songs for the Gatherings – the liturgy for the fluency of the songs is a reflection of A Holy God (who God is), a sinful, broken people in need of redemption, God’s plan of redemption through Jesus, and our response in worship and mission.

“The Liturgy used is the carriage of the Gospel,” explains Jordan. “The best moments are when I feel I’ve been walked through the Gospel through worshipping – we are being confronted with Jesus and the Gospel.”

He believes worship in the church is happening in two parts – gathered and scattered.

“And the big question is, how are we worshiping scattered and what does that look like?” asks Jordan. “As we are sent from the Gathering into our house churches, we then see that a healthy rhythm of worship looks a like more like mission rather than just singing,” he says.

Jordan says that leading worship at the Gatherings and leading worship within house church are different altogether.

“I’m not distracted by the lights – worship with your house church is in its most pure and simple form; it is a bunch of people – we are not in pitch, not on tempo, seldom is it musically great, but those are some of the most God honoring moments I’ve experienced,” he confesses.

Jordan is passionate about Jesus, about his call from God, and you don’t have to know him long, or well, to be aware of this truth. You can recognize his zeal for worshiping the Lord easily and quickly.

“This is a war we are fighting and we are fighting together. Worship is a reminder that we’re fighting together. It’s a reminder of the real war and, more importantly, who the real Victor of that war is. Will we bow on knee to other gods or will we bow on knee to the God of the universe?”

Worship should ceaselessly answer this question clearly, every time.

Jordan plays with his wedding ring while he quietly admits, “There is something to be said about singing with people you know and love; I know their garbage and they know mine. There is no pedestal – because it’s not about me. It’s about the Lord.”

He humbly acknowledges it is not his responsibility to lead people to the Throne.

“I am not interceding for anyone, I am merely a voice saying, ‘Look at this Man.’ Who is the real High Priest? I cannot change people’s hearts because the Gospel has to be at the center of our worship. No melody or hook or lyric will change a heart, they are all simply a vessel for the Gospel.”

If you were like me, you might have expected an interview about house church worship with a worship leader to be a lot about music and lyrics and what leading looks like. If you are like me, you are incredibly humbled, pleasantly surprised and quite thankful for leaders within the body of Apex that are quick to remind that it all started with Christ and it all has to point back to Him, too. That is what worship has to be about.



Author: Stephani Duff

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