Apex Anthologies Turns One!


Happy Birthday, Apex Anthologies!

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We love celebrating the big and the small things God does! This week, Apex Anthologies turns one and we are so excited!! To us, this is BIG because of so many amazing stories we have gotten to share in just one LITTLE year. To help celebrate our first year of sharing stories, we wanted to share the top five posts that we've found YOU loved! Check out these stories and videos that captured the eye of so many of our readers. Thank you for reading and be sure to check out the blog and see if there are any stories you've missed!

apex anthologies
What happens when the depths of sin and self meet the Jesus of grace and sacrifice?
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 "House church takes work and intentionality. Weekly meetings and dinners don’t just come together on their own – they need people’s time and investment – but they’re worth it."
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When God calls us, we're called to be an active character in His mission, His Story.
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 "We were refugees. We didn’t know anybody here, and we had never even heard of Dayton. But we were happy and knew that God, who protected us when we were in Iraq, would never leave us and He had a plan for us."

apex anthologies "What I respect most about Andy is that he talks about the Lord’s work in his life far more than he talks about himself. His answers demonstrate how we decrease as He increases…He did not speak of his problem, because to him, it isn’t." Don't miss this..


We encourage you to take some time to find stories that stuck out to you! Share it with a friend. Put a link on your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Let us proclaim the big things God is doing within the lives of Apexers!

apex anthologies
It's been an amazing year! We're excited to see what the Lord has in store for our next year! Thank you for being part of the story!
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