Plugging In

Being a part of the church means doing what Christ did, which was serving – you’re not only there to consume,” Jesse said.

"As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.”

Proverbs 27:17

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apex anthologies

The transition from adolescence to adulthood takes many a weary prisoner. Surrounded by both the hope and the burden of endless possibility, it takes only a moment before college students can be all but lost – alone in a sea of fellow classmates, all fighting to break through the surface. Recent Cedarville graduate Jesse Sincock felt this way at one time, and was rescued by God’s persistence in pushing Jesse to truly plug in to the Apex community.

This is a story of praise. This is Jesse’s story.

Growing up the son of a pastor in Wisconsin, Jesse had the privilege of being raised by a strong ministry family, and took leaving his home and church family to attend college hard. During his freshman year at Cedarville, however, he began “church shopping” and fell in love with Apex and its culture immediately.

“I met Jason Wing and Rob Turner and so appreciated their ministry,” he said.

Jesse continued to attend Apex while studying at Cedarville, though over time he began to notice a significant difference between how he was spiritually led when on campus and when attending Apex on Sundays.

“College is just such a busy place; everyone’s schedules are crazy and you’re always around people your own age. It’s so hard to get connected in a group outside of your own. In college you’re in your own world full of self-focus. I finally got to a place where I really wanted to get more plugged in spiritually,” Jesse said.

After two years of attending Apex and after several convicting messages from Rob, Jesse and a friend decided to join local house churches. Jesse intentionally joined a church where no other Cedarville students attended, led by Rob Shepard, and in no time connected with a diverse group of others all hungry for closer relationships with God.

“I owe so much to house church – it really helped keep me grounded through college. It was a key part of my life and my spiritual walk,” Jesse said.

Having graduated this past summer, Jesse has now accepted a position as a worship pastor at Rock Point Church in Crawfordsville, Indiana. In a town of just 15,000 people the church boasts 1,200 members, and their ambition remains unbridled.

“I’m so excited to be a part of this ministry – we are constantly focusing on how we can reach more people for Christ,” he said.

Jesse is also very much looking forward to marrying his college sweetheart, Meredith, this month. Looking back on his road thus far and the struggles that have led him to his current outreach position in Indiana, he wishes only that he had gotten plugged into a house church sooner.

“Attending house church not only helped me to grow spiritually with other brothers and sisters in Christ, but taught me how to serve. Being a part of the church means doing what Christ did, which was serving – you’re not only there to consume,” Jesse said.

More than anything, Jesse hopes that other young adults his age and current Cedarville students not hesitate to pursue Christ with reckless abandon through house church and fellowship with other Christians from all walks of life within the Apex community.

“Overall, it was awesome to finally be plugged in at Apex and be a real part of the local church.  There's something that the Holy Spirit does when you are taking an active part in the church.  We are commanded to do so in Scripture and God blesses it.  That would be my biggest encouragement to all the college students who constantly hesitate to get plugged in because they are too busy.  It's about being obedient to the Lord,” he said.

Author: Melissa Markham

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