Glorifying the Lord through Art

Whether it be through the gift of baking, drawing, painting, photography or music - all these talents can be used to glorify our Lord. Imperfect Art 2014 was an event organized through Apexer’s Isaac Williams and Phillip Osterday with the purpose of giving talented local artists a solid opportunity to express themselves through their art and gain support from it.

On Friday, April 25, 2014 they did just that – they glorified our Savior Jesus! As mentioned on their Facebook Page, “...Imperfect Art was more than just an expo for local artists to showcase talents. It was also an opportunity to support a non-profit called Art For Orphans through Rethink Creative Group. In John 14:18, Jesus says some beautiful words, "I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you." By attending this event and giving the suggested entrance fee of $5, several attendees financially supported the work that Art For Orphans does for those orphaned by disease, poverty, disasters, or war.”


Live music performances were given by music artists including, Wise Words, Lindsay Cardiff, A Broken Mirror, Vic20, and Isicle Productions. Artists not related to music included: Denimcandy, Leah Feaze Photography, Jenna Sanford, Johanna Renee, Kingdom 22 Photography and Allyson Wonderland Prints just to name a few. The MC for the evening was Apex’s Gathering Team Lead, Phil Wing.

The Imperfect Art Show was a huge success and its co-host Isaac Williams said there are plans to make this an annual event. Stay tuned and don’t miss the next one! For more information visit the Facebook Group at: For more photos visit Kingdom 22 Photography’s Facebook Page at:


Photos: Matt Geis

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