Fear is a Four Letter Word


Fear was a perpetual state of existence for me in my early twenties. A continual fear of loss, of death, of reaching the culmination of my “youth” only to look inside the four corners of a mirror and realize nothing had changed – or everything; that nothing had gone the way I thought it would.

I was correct.

My high school and college careers ripped the dance card from my sweat drenched, clammy hands and insisted I learn to two-stop with the thievery that comes with living in a broken world. But what was there to fear, exactly? Who among us wants to float, season to season, never transforming or displaying and experiencing growth?

Fear is a four letter word.

It is an unsettling and disheartening reality to turn on the news, to read the newspaper, to be a witness to the brutalities and injustices that too often reign in a culture thirsting for Jesus. And still we are called not to fear.

We were born unto a Savior whose calling is to redeem this earth. He is not a God exclusive to North America. He is not a God exclusive to the middle class. He is not a God of exclusion. Period.

With heightened concern over the Muslim population and the shattered sense of security that has cloaked this country since 9/11, it is no surprise that the devastation Isis leaves in its wake has left parts of the Church with a foreboding sense of hesitance to truly live out “love thy neighbor.”

apex anthologies
apex anthologies

In whom is our faith, though?

“There is no fear of Isis if our faith and belief is wholly in Jesus and His victory for us on the Cross.” These words were perhaps the most radical and thought provoking of the night at Fear vs. Love at Apex Community Church last year in October.

I was quick to be reminded that God is mightier and more powerful than I am capable of realizing or believing. God can reach His children by any means necessary. He did not create the world with intentions of then leaving it to spin of its own accord.

We must trust in a God bigger than any worldly fear we are hiding within.

Strip away the titles, the armor, the life experiences and we are all left with simple, irrefutable similarities – humanity, personage, lineage to a King.

I ask you – where is the fear in that?

Author: Stephani Duff

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