#003: Discipleship Through House Church

We want you to know why house church is such a vital part of Apex and its mission. The best way we knew how to do that was by sitting down with some of our house church shepherds and asking some questions. Turns out, that takes a long time. So, this episode is split into two parts. In the first part, we'll talk about some of the experiences of leading and being in a house church. Then next week, we'll discuss the training house church shepherds can get from Apex.

Maybe you're listening to this episode and you're wondering what to do next in your House Church. Well, listen to next week's episode, because that's what it's all about! But, if you want to get a head start check out Caesar and Tina Kalinowski, Ben Hardman, Gino Curcuruto and others like Mike Breen and Tim Chester. They've helped shaped a lot of how we think about house churches. You can find even more resources at apexcommunity.org/shepherd-resources.

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