#018: Heaven and Earth

In the next few episodes, we wanted to discuss important themes that we usually miss during this Christmas season. Our culture can make Christmas about a lot of different things, but we know that Christmas really is about how God came to us; 'Emmanuel'. That reality is a mind blowing, insane, grace-filled story. So, today we're going to talk about God bringing Heaven and Earth back together.

We'll be chatting with Chad Osborne, Mark Eilers, a Region 5 elder, and Mark's wife, Joan Eilers, who also is on our admin team.

As we talked about in the episode, if you'd like some more resources on Heaven and Earth check out The Bible Project's video called Heaven & Earth. If you'd like to understand the Bible as a big story, take a look at James L. Nicodem's book called Epic: The Storyline of the Bible. Also, stay tuned for Apex's resource called Foundations that we're planning on releasing in 2019.

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