Our Philosophy

In His freedom, goodness and love, God chose to tell a story. This is God’s story through us.

God’s grand-story encapsulates everything in creation, seen and unseen. It’s the story of God’s plan and purpose of creation and its restoration, for His glory (Eph 1:1-11). He’s both the source and hero of this story. While stories are ways to communicate, they’re more than a strategy to make a point or say something profound. They’re part of the very way reality unfolds and progresses. We all make sense of our lives, others and this world by seeing their meaning in a broader framework- a story.

God is the ultimate storyteller. As image bearers of God, we’re naturally storytellers and shapers (Gen 1:26). We’ve been tasked as subplot carriers and characters in God’s story. We’re given the role, under God’s authority, to be a part of His story for His purpose for creation and for our flourishing.  Our personal stories exist in, are shaped by and point toward God’s grand story. This is still the role of God’s people in God’s world today. We’re called by God to make known among the nations what He has done.

‘Anthologies’ is an effort to obey God in His world, with particular reference to Apex’s mission to, “delight in Jesus so much that we are compelled to love, equip and send people," and Apex’s vision to, “make disciples of Jesus who live and proclaim the Word of god, and plant Christ-centered communities in all the nations.”

‘Anthologies’, in short, exists to tell our stories as they exist to tell God’s story.

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