About Anthologies

In His freedom, goodness, and love, God chose to tell a story. Bearing His image, humans are natural story shapers and tellers. This is God’s Story through us.  

Everyone loves a good story. The beautiful thing is each one of us has one, whether we realize it or not. Anthologies hopes to capture yours and show how God is working in the big and small things that happen in all our lives.

Anthologies was created by a team of Apex staffers who realized there’s a lot God is doing within the body of Apex Community Church and the Apex house church network with no means to communicate it. We want to be able to use this blog as a means to connect the body of Apex by sharing what’s happening. From one person’s personal heart transformation to an outreach happening in the city of Dayton to mission work across the world – we want to tell you all about it.

To make this happen, we have a team of staffers who work together to make sure we’re sharing stories that represent gathering, growing, and going and that we continue to work to the glory of God. Additionally, we have a team of volunteer storytellers. They are writers and photographers whom we call our creative content contributors. They are overseen by several managing editors. Finally, our videos are made with love by our staff video editor.

Together, we hope and pray that Anthologies isn’t just another blog, but a way to capture a glimpse of how Jesus loves us and is showing us this love constantly through His people.

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